August 11: “Status From St. Louis Jail”

“I believe in a low poeisis, a poem that makes itself available to black people first, a poem that does a black work, that does political accompaniment for black people, that is broken and breaks things, that grew up in a storefront church and that will smash the windows of the same liquor store that sold it cigarettes when it was just learning to hold a pencil. I believe in latch key poems written to raise themselves, that know how to talk in tongue to bill collectors and have bus maps memorized. I believe in poems that will drawl and lisp and stutter and stunt and turn up. I believe in poems from Ferguson that mean well but are not well meaning. Yes, I believe in a low poeisis, a poem as comfortable in the preform and the beforehand as it is in the perform and the center stage. I believe in poems that concern themselves with black life, black love, black action, black transformation, black liberation and black continuation.

“You are the beloved community of my dreams becoming flesh.”

“Got arrested. Shared a cell with Cornel West, Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou and other amazing folks and coulda just got out but instead I got free. Upon release I was received by my beautiful cohort from PSR in love and now feel equally loved by the virtual, spiritual and community outpouring. You are the beloved community of my dreams becoming flesh. I love how my blackness looks against your beauty.

Thank you all.


“God’s gonna trouble the water”

“SLPD distribute water to their officers. Spontaneous outburst of ‘Wade In The Water’.” -Alex Haider-Winnett

“If I believed in such things, I would say that it was a sign that it rained during the moment of silence for ‪#‎MikeBrown‬. ‪#‎PSRImmersion‬” -Alex Haider-Winnett

“We are back at Christ church cathedral resting and getting some food. The jail support team and legal team are tracking Marvin and others in our group who were arrested. Grateful that things stayed peaceful and powerful.” -Dr. Sharon Fennema

“Favorite protest moment: police start handing out water to each one and the gathered witnesses start singing – wade in the water, wade in the water children, wade in the water, God’s gonna trouble the water. May the waters of police brutality and white supremacy continue to be troubled.‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ ‪#‎psrimmersion‬ ‪#‎unitedwefight‬” -Dr. Sharon Fennema

“Amos 5:24” -Alex Haider-Winnett

August 10: “Continuing to chant and witness arrests.”

“Continuing to chant and witness arrests.” -Dr. Sharon Fennema


Brothers Cornel and Sekou getting arrested


Sister Renita getting arrested.


“Folks dancing into arrest. ‪#‎ThisIsWhatTheologyLooksLike‬” -Alex Haider-Winnett

Sister Elizabeth prepared to get arrested.


“Last arrestees have been taken away. Observing 4.5 minutes of silence in memory of Mike Brown as the rain begins to fall. The heavens are crying out.” -Dr. Sharon Fennema