August 9: Marvin K. White: “And what of God’s people?”

“Maybe God has to be looked at intersectionally to show the black people who are fleeing that it is safe to stay or return. We can’t just say that God is real and exists in a racist society and never describe how God experiences living in Ferguson with other black people. We gotta know who God’s mama is and how God really feels about women. It is also necessary to know where God’s people come from and how God sees immigration. Does God respond “Amen” when the homophobic preacher calls “Abomination”? How is God living or dying under state violence? Looking at God intersectionality holds God to, “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to God’s purpose.” Yes, all the things God, how are you working with and through it all God? And what of God’s people? How are we living out the kindom, the here and thereness, the on earth as it is in heavenness, while understanding how racism, classism, and homophobia depend on one another as much as we depend on one another?

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