August 4: Marvin K. White: Practicing Noisefulness

“Practicing Noisefulness

1. If you are black and voice your disdain or distrust of state violence and police brutality, they will say the expelling of your breath escalated the situation. They will try to convince you that you cannot be an instrument because you spoke to them in the wrong tone.

2. Blandian Noisefulness, the practice of becoming present and aware that your blackness is the quota-filling infraction of traffic stops, is achieved by first- rolling the eyes, followed by sucking the teeth, and finally- the rolling of the neck. Each time you are pulled over by the police is also an opportunity to practice the Blandian Noisefulness technique of cussing under your breath: Inhale through your nose and cuss out through your mouth. Inhale through your nose cuss out through your mouth. Blandian Noisefulness, when employed effectively, brings about a consciousness that allows you to detach from your assault, watch it and verbally narrate your assault. Blandian Noisefulness is a community practice as it magically makes the cellphone cameras of people passing by begin recording.


-Marvin K. White

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